Knee Osteoarthritis Treatment - Non-Surgical Stem Cells

Knee Osteoarthritis Treatment - Non-Surgical Stem Cells
Knee Osteoarthritis Treatment - Non-Surgical Stem Cells

Arthritis Treatment W/ Stem Cells

Stem Cell Therapy for Knee Arthritis actually adds new cartilage to the joint, which can act as a “shock absorber” protecting your from and removing bone-on-bone friction.  Stem Cells are located everywhere in a person’s body and constant regenerate to various types of tissue such as muscle, ligament, tendon, and organ tissue.  Stem cells can transform into cartilage tissue when applied to your knee and as such, reverse the degenerative process of Arthritis.

In a chronic condition such as Arthritis, stem cells run out.  The stem cells in the knee get used up and the condition of Arthritis continues to break down cartilage tissue.  By adding a new boost of stem cells to the knee, cartilage will be created to help your knee function and eliminate significant pain.

You will feel tremendously better after Stem Cell Therapy.  There is a high success rate to improve knee arthritis such that surgery can be avoided.  Even if surgery is still required, a stem cell treatment will improve the success rate of the surgery by providing you a healthier knee.

Avoid Knee Surgery

Knee surgery is risky and invasive and often comes with unforeseen complications.  It is best to receive a second opinion and know all of non-surgical options before agreeing to surgery.  You can schedule a consultation with Dr. Benjamin Bieber, M.D. at Cross Bay PMR.

Dr. Bieber derives stem cells from either the bone marrow or fat tissue of the patient depending on the severity of the Arthritis.  Once harvested, these stem cells are placed within the knee using ultrasound guidance, an imaging system that allows Dr. Bieber to see the optimal place to apply your stem cells.  There are no hospital visits or overnight stays.  This simple procedure is performed via a special injection technique and once completed, you are free to go home and do normal but restful activity.

The healing process of the stem cells aligns naturally with the healing process of the body and you will likely experience results within several weeks of the treatment.  Call (212) 268-8181 and schedule your consultation.

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